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Old Boyfriends

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What is it about an old boyfriend that makes it so easy to back after a breakup? I am still trying to figure that out I am thinking maybe the sex because it was always so good. Or maybe it’s me and I am too stupid to let go of the past. I am scared because I don’t want this to end in heartbreak but there is just something about the familiar.



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Watching the Avengers eating chicken, must say that I love this movie. Tomorrow is day one at the gym

Today was a BUST but tomorrow will be better

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So today didn’t turn out the way I hoped it would but I’m okay with that for the most part I am optimistic about tomorrow so I’m officially cutting fast food out of my diet

Today is Day One

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So I am ready to start losing weight this day has been years in the making but I am finally ready to be a new me. I am looking forward to shedding all this fat start school and be the person that I have always wanted and hoped to be.  What triggered this was a chat with an ex and looking at a picture that I took of me in a dress that scared even me and gave me the push I needed to start over.

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